The Amazing Holosun HS503C (My Review)

best red dot sight for the money

Today I’m going to review the holosun hs503c.

Holosun is a newer brand of optics that has quickly been gaining a reputation as a place to go for solid optics at reasonable prices.

The Holosun HS503c stands out from their other offerings because of some of the upgraded features that are included with the sight.

Today we’re going to be looking at several features of the holosun and make conclusions about whether or not it is a worthwhile sight to buy for your AR-15.

The Holosun’s Battery Life

The holosun hs503c has outstanding battery life!

First of all, it uses 1 cr2032 battery, but from that one battery you can actually leave the battery on for 2 years and before it runs out of juice.

And in addition to that, one of the most unique features of the is HS503c is that it is Holosun’s Solar red dot.

On the top of the sight, there is a solar panel, which can actually power the sight even when there is no battery in the optic.

And having that solar power can actually extend the battery life well past other optics with similar length of battery life.

The Holosun’s Lens Clarity

The Holosun HS503c also has excellent lens clarity.

When you look through the sight, your sight picture is clear, and you don’t really get any strange color tinting what you see through the lens.

There are many other red dot sights that give a blue or green tint when you look through them because of the way a reflex sight works.

But the holosun doesn’t seem to have that problem, which allows you to see much clearer through the optic.

The Holosun’s Dot Size and Reticle

The Holosun HS503C has a 2 MOA dot and utilizes what Holosun calls the Multiple Reticle System or M.R.S.

best red dot sight for ar-15 for the money
Basically, that means you get a choice between using a 2 MOA dot reticle or the holosun circle dot reticle.

First, let me say that I like a 2 MOA dot on a red dot sight.

This is because it allows you to shoot with more precision because you don’t have a large sized dot covering up a large part of what you’re aiming at.

Additionally, I like the holosun circle dot reticle which is the 2 moa dot in the middle surrounded by a large 65 MOA ring.

I think that this style of reticle can help you should with more speed because it doesn’t take your eye long to find that 65 MOA ring and place it over a large target up close.

The Holosun’s Mounts

The Holosun HS503C actually comes with 2 mounts.

There is a high mount that can be used to mount this sight on an AR 15.

It sets the optic at the perfect height for a lower one-third co-witness and comes ready to go to be mounted straight on your rifle.

But you also get a low mount in the box. Which will allow you to easily mount this sight on an AK, a shotgun or any number of other guns in your collection.

Is The Holosun HS503C Worth Buying?
best red dot sight for shotgun

Yes. The Holosun HS503C is definitely worth buying for several reasons.

First of all, you get the incredible battery life.  But on top of that, you get solar power that enhances it even more.

You also get very clear lens clarity, and then a crisp, clear reticle.

And the reticle gives you the choice between the lone 2 MOA dot (which some people prefer) or the Holosun circle dot reticle which is an extremely fast and easy reticle to use.

Last, the optic comes with 2 mounts. So no matter what type of gun you have, your sight will come ready to go to be mounted on your firearm.

All in all the Holosun HS503C is a winner and I currently think it is the best red dot sight for the money because of it’s features and price point between $200-$250.  


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